Law Firm 2019 Website Basics Part 1: Mobile First

Are you still stuck in a desktop world with your law firm website? Truth be told you are missing out most likely on 50-60% of your traffic from search engines even if your SEO is gold! Most consumers now are searching more and more from their cell phone and mobile devices – and if your website is mobile first – you are going to loose out!

What does mobile first website design mean? Basically – can the user navigate and find what they need to find via their phone? If you do a simple test and it does not pass that simple factor – YOUR website fails! Make their experience on your website one that is easy to navigate – easy to find the main reason to contact you – and make it easy for them to actually contact you.

Mobile first contact methods are as follows:

  • Click to call – can the person click on your phone number most commonly in the header of your website to directly call you. If not – you must fix this asap!
  • Click to Chat – most of all law firm websites nowadays feature a live chat feature (if you don’t have it – I suggest getting is as soon as possible!) . Make sure the popup window works on mobile devices and is easy to use!
  • Contact Forms – make sure your contact forms are mobile optimized – clear and easy to use! If the text doesn’t display properly it is a big hit on conversion of the form. The previous two methods are used more than the form – but you shouldn’t abandon this form of contact too!

So there you have it! Focus on delievering an excellent mobile first experience and make it easy for them to gain the confidence to hire you – then allow them to contact you in the simpliest manner for them. Don’t make it hard! KISS – keep it simple stupid!

Next in the series I will cover the overall design of site and color scheme.

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Jesse Guthrie - WP Esquire CEO
Jesse Guthrie - WP Esquire CEO

Here at WP Esquire, we publish helpful content in order to help you build your law firm practice online. We love Wordpress and building businsses income with web design.

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